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FOX Business
Aug 11, 2013 2:00am EDT
right. john, the fact is we've got a new healthcare law. all americans believe that texa, -- taxes, that we'll pay more because of the healthcare bill. this is like insult to injury, is it not, john? >> yeah. d.c. the "hunger games." the last thing we want to do is create -- >> david: for those who don't know. let me, for those who haven't seen "the hunger games" and you should, it's a great movie. 1% of the population lives in the capital. 99% of the population feed them. they live like kings and rest live like paupers. >> the last thing you want is to create incentive for more people to go to work for government. if anything they should have a more homorous health plan to have incentive to exit government sector and not be a burden on us. >> david: mike, meanwhile, what they worry about, inside the beltway, the beltway crowd, they a brain drain. "the hill" newspaper came out and said the lawmakers are worried of a brain drain of talent and skill from capitol hill. god forbid they will go to the private sector. first, are you worried about a brain dane? >> not at all, david. but t
FOX Business
Aug 11, 2013 9:00am EDT
-winning quarterback from texas a&m under fire from the ncaa after he allegedly accepted $7500 for signing memorabilia. that is against ncaa rules. but is it fair to dom down on players for doing what the ncaa and most other colleges do as a who, turning sports programs in to cash cows with tv deals? corporate sponsorships. merchandise. time for the flip side. mike, you say let the kids make money. >> yes, absolutely, david. look. college football players already make money. but how much? they get scholarship money, stipend. should they also get money from licensing? i say yes. the ncaa acts as a cartel in negotiating as a group. huge tv deals and the huge licensing deals. the players deserve a piece of that. >> david: if the colleges can do it, why not the plays? >> i don't like the idea at all. i would change sports forever in college. would weave professor steirenner negotiate wth 18-year-old? you'll have more lawyers and bureaucrats at colleges negotiating the deals, so the tuition costs go up and the richest schools would get the players if they say yeah, you can get paid and youet chunk ofur mon
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)